Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Father's Day and Happy Mother's Day

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New version of Happy Father's Day in HD.
Old version of Happy Father's Day
Happy Mother's Day
Behind the Scenes

So we were shooting in High Definition (HD) but not editing and exporting in HD. Now we are, and we have this film and another that are doubled on Youtube because of it. Follow the link to the original. Here's the HD version.

When we shot this short short, we started out referring to the unseen mom, and then Stephanie suggested to use dad because she could relate to it easier. Plus, Father's Day was coming up. We actually launched on Father's Day. The Father's Day version is also a bit soft on the focus, so I found a Mom version and made it a separate movie.

And here we have the bloopers.

And some basic behind the scenes.

Thanks for watching.

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