Monday, July 15, 2013

Cory McAbee, Director

Check this guy out.

Skip down to the trailer and a music video below both from his Stingray Sam.

I caught The American Astronaut on Netflix Instant in the spring of 2013. That and his Stingray Sam are currently on Hulu Plus as well. Brilliant work. I did a short review on my right-now-burgeoning movie review blog HERE, and want to do another for Astronaut in higher quality and one for Stingray Sam.

He's got the market cornered on cowboy sci fi musicals for sure, and I haven't seen clever low budget like this in a while either.

I didn't see a trailer for Astronaut that did the movie justice, but explore his videos. I can' possibly put everything I like here. Find him on Youtube and Vimeo. The site for Astronaut is HERE. His own site is HERE.

Find his music too under the Billy Nayer Show, and he's part of another project I haven't looked into called Capt. Ahab's Motorcycle Club.

Here's a trailer for Stingray Sam. And after that one of the songs from it. You'll regret it if you don't listen to the song. You might also watch a song from Stingray that's close to my heart or maybe my birth certificate, Fredward, but I couldn't find my favorite, The Girl (with the Vagina Made of Glass), and notice how crisp the image is on these, which is why I'm not putting the Astronaut trailer up.

Here's Lullaby.

Thanks for watching.

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