Sunday, September 4, 2011

Short Film, Jon, produced by Greg Kastigar for the 2011 24-Hour Film Race

Greg is one of my best friends from film school, and he recently produced a movie for a the 2011 24-Hour Film Race, which is like  Cannonball Run for filmmaking, or it should be that fun anyway. I was almost involved in one of these when I was back in California. You have 24 hours from concept to basically dvd, to write, shoot and edit a short film, but there are usually tricky rules. It's tough and fun work.

Here's what he has to say about producing the contest film: "Shot in Portland, Oregon, this was our entry for the 2011 24-Hour Film Race. We had to use the theme of "identity theft," and somewhere use a can opener prop and the action of sealing an envelope. You can read more about us and the contest at  We had a blast making it and hope you enjoy!"

He's also raising funds for "City of Roses," a comedy short about finding love in a small world. His video pitch for "City of Roses" is below. For more info check out his website Longshots and "like" him on Facebook from there. He's using Indie GoGo to raise funds. I want to check out their site myself. Check out Indie GoGo and pass it on to someone who might be interested in helping out. Five dollars will get your name at the end credits, $25 your name at the end credits and a copy of the dvd and $1000 everything plus Executive Producer credit on the film.

The video pitch for his own short film.

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