Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fellini Sucks!

I'm working on two film projects right now. One of which is "Fellini Sucks!" aka "The Fellini Opinion"; the latter was our working title. The teaser we have up is not even a taste of what we've done. I wanted to do a fight scene for practice because I had fun doing fight scenes for "Left Hand of Doom" as well as Gothic Vampires From Hell, but I didn't have a story for a fight scene.

I had heard through a mutual friend that my friend Keith Dowling was watching a Fellini flick one time, and our other friend David Reeve walked in and said "Fellini sucks." So I used that as a kind of absurd reason for fighting.

Here's the trailer. Dave Noble of Stormfront Entertainment cut this, and he also produced the film--more on him in another blog. Thanks Dave for everything!

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