Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bartenders Rule the Universe Credits

Our webseries, Bartenders Rule the Universe, could not have been finished without the help of our film consultant friends--thank you so much for your help:

All music by Ian Gibbs.

Lewis Schoenbrun
Joshua Perez-Leduc
Greg Kastigar
Diana Kastigar
Dave Johnson
Rob Collie.

This show could not have been made without the backing of our co-producers from the Kickstarter campaign--thank you all for believing in the project:

Tracy Clemens
Gregory Kastigar
Stephani Cook Mason
Mathew Wallace
Brent Cantrelle
Robert Collie
Amber Rene Sharp
Allyson Marie Riley
Jillena Albers
Angela Little Miller

And even if we had all them above we could not have even started shooting without our extras--thank you for helping out:

Lawrence Trujillo
Randy Scroggins
Lee Stone
Joshua Perez-Leduc
Eric Campbell
Stacey Ranew
Nick Simon
Patty Simon
Timothy Halbert
Maurice Blandon
Darryl Gray
Jarren Harbour
Martin Duck
Done Moore
Ahmed Medo
Tony Kious
Tegan Guinn
Eric Gerringer
Daniel Dixon
Heather Roy
Jonathan Sugiyami

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