Monday, November 4, 2013

Podcasts on Filmmaking, Horror and Other Stuff

Just threw this up for now. I'll straighten out with links later.

Horror Movies

Slasher Studios: Worse Horror Villains. Nov 28, 2011
Good podcast. Some dilly-dallying in the beginning, but it starts soon. Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz are knowledgable and funny.

The Dread Central Podcast: Foycast X - The 10 Worst DVD Horror Movies of 2010.
Great discussion from knowledgeable hosts.


The Last Podcast on the Left: Creepypasta! Aug 13,2011
A truly frightening podcast. Nothing scares me. This unnerved me. Granted I listened near Halloween while walking the dog in the dark. 

Joss Whedon
Making it with Riki Lindihome: Joss Whedon Dec 20, 2011
Some discussion about his early work and his writing technique.

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