Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is Global Warming a Myth? Short film

If you just want to see the new version of the movie without the story of our travails go HERE.

Not everybody is really worried about high quality resolution in their online videos, so this is for my friend and fellow filmmakers, as well as anybody curious as to why this movie is on our Youtube channel in two versions.

Here's a screen capture from both movies side by side just to get you started.

(Dear Fred, you accidentally deleted this and couldn't find it. Try finding it again. November 2013.)

For even better results go to our Youtube page HERE, click on the cog on the right and just below the movie image, choose 1080p HD. you can also watch it on modern televisions using Youtube as an app through a device, such as an iPad or Xbox as I do, but its still best on a nice computer screen.

After uploading this film about twelve times without satisfactory results I began to get suspicious, and my friend Joseph Monahan clued me in to what should've been obvious. My editing software wasn't REALLY high definition. Here is "Is Global Warming a Myth?" in its original cut and upload.

Here is the movie now re-edited in Premiere Pro CC, in the original high definition, shot on the Canon Rebel t4i.


It's been an education, but we're definitely on the right track.

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