Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parts First Scene from Screenplay

Opening scene of Parts. Parts is the working title. I've got a new one I don't really want to reveal yet. The screenplay formatting wasn't preserved in the cut and paste but here's the first scene for those interested. 


          Nice small house like the ones in L.A.


          The tubwater is running.

          A WOMAN disrobes, enters and starts bathing and relaxing.

          SOMEONE in POV enters the house, walks through it and stops
          at the cracked door of the bathroom. His footsteps are hoof
          like but subtle enough we don't think they're hooves.

          The Woman hears something. Is nearly afraid.

          Then she sniffs, recognizing a smell. She looks at the crack
          in the door. And her fear is gone.

                    What do you want?

          She waits for an answer and when there is none...

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    You might as well come in. I can
                    smell you a mile away.

          He enters the bathroom and we see a red devil hand on the
          door as smoke enters the bathroom

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    You really ought to do something
                    about that smell.

          She stands up in the tub, and she is NOT happy.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    We had a deal.

          He just watches, in his pov still, as she starts rinsing off

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    The deal was for you to get me a
                    role on a tv series. And you could
                    have my soul and I would get you
                    one soul per year for the rest of
                    my life.

          She waits for him to say something, and when the he

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    But you didn't follow through. I
                    was only on that show for two

          She turns off the water and starts drying off.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    And I'll be damned if I'm killing
                    anybody for two lousy episodes.

          She puts lotion on her body. She winces as if the he smiled.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    Don't say it. I know what I said.
                    "I'll be damned."

          She continues with the lotion.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    You really expect me to kill one
                    person a year for the rest of my
                    life for a lousy two episodes. Who
                    do you think you are?

          She looks up at him and her face slowly loses its strength.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    Oh, that's right. We both know who
                    you are?

          She continues drying off.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    You do don't you? You expect me to
                    kill people for you.

          He moves toward her in pov. She backs away.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    Wait. I'll make it up to you. I'll
                    do it. I'll do it. I'm only a day

          He keeps advancing.

          She backs up.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)

          A tissue box catches fire.

          She watches it.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    I should've asked to be on for the
                    whole season.

          A towel catches fire.

          She starts getting scared.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    Or even all the seasons.

          Smoke floats up from below.

          She looks down and sees the tub water boiling.

                              WOMAN (cont'd)
                    But you just had to put me on a
                    reality show.

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