Sunday, September 4, 2011

Casting Call for the Feature Dark Comedy "Parts," Updated 8/11

Phantasmagoria Films is shooting Parts, a feature length, non-union, non-sag, independent, theatrically releasable, dark comedy shot in central Louisiana and written, directed and produced by Fred L. Taulbee Jr., director of Gothic Vampires From Hell. Parts (working title) will be distinctly different than Gothic... in style and tone and production quality.

Rose is a Hollywood starlet who makes a deal with the devil, and her three actress friends, special fx boyfriend, a suspicious detective, a producer, a director, an entire film crew and even the devil, are NOT going to get in her way.

Deferred payment for most positions unless the budget increases. More pay for nudity. Salaries negotiable. No experience necessary. Shooting starts Sept. 2011 and ends Aug 2012.

Some of the following details are NOT set in stone. The quality of the actor is more important than getting a perfect match.

Pages usually means minutes but that's subject to change. And a few pages doesn't necessarily mean one day of work, sometimes more depending on locations, schedules, etc. Page counts are subject to change. These are characters in the movie, not crew that I'm looking for right now. Nude scenes optional for the following characters: Rose, Pia, Becky, Mary, TV Horror Host. Nudity pays up front. We need 2 or 3 more characters to appear nude, but not in a sexual situation. This is not as gory a film as these descriptions might imply. I'm thinking a little a John Waters dark humor and Lloyd Kaufman situational comedy but without the heavy gore.

18-25, female, lead. Lots of practical special fx. Death scene. A lot of her scenes can be done with a double. If the actor can't do it, we might use a double for some parts. 65 pages.

Male 18-30. Long hair optional but preferred. Death scene. 32 pages.

18-25, female, attractive, heavy make up fx. Death scene. 17 pages.

18-25, female. 2 death scenes. 17 pages.

18-25, female. Death scene. 14 pages.

35-50 male. 14 pages.

18-25, female. Death scene. 12 pages.

Male 30-40. 9 pages.

Male 30-40. 9 pages.

TV horror host.
18-30. Sexy, slinky. Death scene. 6 pages.

18-25, female. Death scene. 5 pages.

Masked Killer.
Death scene. 5 pages. 18-40. Male or female.

Acting coach.
Male or female 35 or older. 4 pages. Death scene.

10 extras
for final massacre scene. They'll all die quickly. 18-40. 4 pages.

Cop. Male or female. 4 pages.

Cop. Male or female. 4 pages.

Death scene. 4 pages. 18-40. Male or female.

Best Boy.
Death scene. 4 pages. 18-40. Male or female.

Assistant Producer.
Death scene. 4 pages. 18-40. Male or female.

Death scene. 4 pages. 18-40. Male or female.

Tv director
Male or female. 3 pages. Death scene.

TV person 1.
Male or female. 3 pages. Death scene.

TV person 2.
Male or female. 3 pages. Death scene.

Intro girl who gets killed first
18-40, Death scene. 2 pages.

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